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Innovation PTFE products

With high quality, we use our in-house production to achieve the best results.

Our products

PTFE offers benefits such as rust resistance, flexibility and low weight for machine manufacturers and companies in the automotive, revision and food & beverage industry. This leads to longer machine lifetime and reduced maintenance.

Once you have submitted a product request, we will create the design using a PDF drawing and, if necessary, 3D drawings as well. Next, we quickly and effectively start the production of your PTFE product to achieve the requaired product.

Technical Plastics
Technical Plastics

Our materials are of high quality and our extensive customer base allows us to offer a wide range of products. Read on to learn more about our materials and solutions. 

Plastic Solutions
Plastic Solutions

From simple back up rings to complex butterfly valves seats, we manufacture a wide range of machine parts. If the desired machine part is not listed, contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Interplastics product offering

We offer a wide range of different materials and end products:

Interplastics solutions

(We only produce machine parts)

These are some of our most produced materials and products. If you are looking for a similar product but the specific solution is not listed, we would love to connect with you to discuss the solution you are looking for.

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